Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Chael Sonnen Apologizes to Anderson Silva


"Anderson, over the last several months, I've disparaged your name in an attempt to garner respect and attention for my own. That was wrong and I apologize. My actions were unsportsmanlike, they were uncalled for. Though they weren't mean-spirited, I do regret them. As you know, I've recently become the number one contender, which is a position that respectfully and immediately I am resigning from. I wish no further confrontation with you in the Octagon or through the media. In short, I surrender.

Chael P. Sonnen ..."

Check this out as Wanderlei Silva gets on Chael's face in defense of Brazil and the Nogueira brothers. Chael surprisingly yielded and kept silent.

3:52 - 5:12

Here's another interesting video of Chael in an interview with Michael Landsberg at Off The Record which airs on TSN (Canada). Watch as Chael goes on a tirade and walks out of the show. Apparently, he went back to the show at a different date and finished the interview.


  1. I cannot wait for the Chael Sonnen and Anderson Silva fight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Raring to watch! And I'm sure they are raring to go at each other.

  2. This has got to be the fight of the year!