Sunday, July 12, 2009

Are You An Eating Machine?

On June 26 up until August 15 2009, Filipino eating machines can go to the nearest 7-Eleven store in their area and avail of the Big Bite® Match Combo that contains five jumbo hotdog sandwiches of their choice and one Big Gulp.

To prove that they take competitive eating seriously, 7-Eleven flew in internationally renowned competitive eater Tom "Goose" Gilbert to serve as an inspiration to aspiring Filipino gurgitators.

According to Armi Andrade, 7-Eleven's Food Service Division Manager,"It's a relatively new sport so we want to show an example on how the rest of the world is doing it. And there's no better way to do this than by bringing in a champoin like Tom Goose."

Tom Goose is one of competitive eating's most memorable debut performances when he defeated several veteran professional eaters at the 2nd annual World Italian Sausage Eating Championship in 2006. Currently, he is the world record holder in chicken wings eating and has other titles under his belt.

During the trade launch, Tom Goose showed us how he can eat 10 hotdog sandwiches in less than 4 minutes.

To join and for more information on the 7-Eleven's Big Bite Match, visit