Thursday, December 22, 2011

Friday's New Flagship store in Eastwood


            “In Here It’s Always Friday”- this is the maxim that T.G.I.Friday’s continues to live by, in every location. And it rings true for the new 250-seater, multi-level store that recently opened in Eastwood City in Libis.  It is the only free standing Friday’s branch in the country since most are located inside the malls.
            The brand’s infectious energy and wholesome fun, great food and service, PLUS a whole new look characterize this new branch.  From the iconic red and white stripes that are trademarks of T.G.I.Friday’s, to the ‘elegant clutter’ that decorate the walls and the bar where the action is, Friday’s Eastwood   showcases the new look that  makes it the perfect place to celebrate life and make it one big party, any day.  It is the restaurant chain’s 13th store.


            “T.G.I.Friday’s evolves with the times to relate to its growing market and  make the brand more exciting,”  says Lilet Martinez, Vice-President for Operations. Since T.G.I.Friday’s believes its doors are not merely entry points but a portal to what is exciting, fun, friendly and innovative, the  new look is evident right from its very façade. Gone are the traditional canopies and awnings. Greeting each guest is bigger, bolder T.G.I.Friday’s font to amplify the invitation.  Even from the outside, people can view the restaurant just like a retail display window showcasing good food and great times.
            The artistic ‘clutter’ of eclectic memorabilia, which is part of Friday’s heritage and tradition, is still there; only this time the decorative pieces have moved forward a few decades— to include knick knacks from  80s, 90s and even the new millennium. Disco balls and other more current icons such as Marilyn Monroe, Elvies Presley and Superman and even the posters of Sex and the City and Pirates of the Caribbean (Lets just take out the posters portion) are in  view.  Aside from the “Album Wall” (which ide from the
eavel ean _____ and ,  ore fun.                                                                                  highlights musical greats from Elvis Presley to Michael Jackson), there is another accent spot at the store’s second level which features Tonka toys, Toy Soldier, cassette tape, Sesame Street’s Elmo, M&Ms and other popular emblems which T.G.I.Friday’s “Generation Now” market could easily identify with.  Furthermore, there is a spot where guitars of different make and style is displayed.
            But even with these memorabilia,  the dining area has an airy, uncluttered feel.  “T.G.I.Friday’s décor of vintage Americana that has become one of the most recognizable symbols of the restaurant since its inception in the USA in 1965 remains; we rejuvenated the contents so they are relevant to the times and qualify as contemporary restaurant design.  Decors were framed and the arrangement is more organized so as to make the dining feel more  breezy. Given the changes in the look, Friday’s remains  approachable, familiar and relaxing -  qualities that make every visit memorable,”  Martinez explains. 
            There are  sleek pendant lamps ( round drop lights in the dining area above each table) for  brighter lighting.  Comfortable seating is possible with  spanking red chairs,  community tables and flexible banquettes booths.  There are elevated booths with step up  and ‘huggable’ booths that create a  warmer feel for the guests.
            Colors and textures are warm and bright with touches of urban sophistication.  Friday’s signature red hue is now more evident unlike  the blue and red combination in other stores.


            While the interiors have been refurbished, there are some things that will remain: Friday’s energetic spirit,  great food and exceptional  brand of service.

 Delightful American dishes served in huge portions continue to  elicit an excited “Wow!” from guests.  The menu, developed through years of experience  and  with  firm grasp of  diners’ pulse, features flavorful and delicious fare such  signature appetizers Fried Mozzarella and Potato Skins.  There is a wide selection of hearty choices ranging from salads, burgers, fajitas, pastas, sandwiches, steaks and seafood dishes.  Friday’s Chicken Fingers remains the topseller while the most popular dessert is the over-sized Oreo Madness.  

 You wouldn’t go wrong too if you decide to order  from the Jack Daniel’s Grill,  mouth-watering meat and seafood dishes smothered with  Friday’s exclusive sweet and savory Jack Daniel’s sauce.  These are served by a team of efficient and friendly waitstaff known to be some of the best in the local casual dining industry.  Guests can look forward to new dishes (such as  Almond Crusted Chicken Salad, Grilled Caribbean Wings, Jack Daniel’s Sampler, Honey Pecan Salmon, and new sumptuous desserts) that will grace the menu beginning this December 1.

            The bar is the center from where the energy radiates.    The use of wood with stainless steel combination adds to a more casual feel as opposed to the granite material used in some stores.        
 Friday’s Eastwood has a bar on each of the two levels where drinks are mixed and where skilled bartenders perform their signature bar flairs that adds excitement.  Boasting of a rich beverage tradition, the bar has a wide array of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks  such smoothies, flings and mocktails.
            Friday’s shakes things up a bit by offering “Bottomless Mojitos” at P305  everyday from  4PM onwards. 

Thus, for all those who look forward to loosening up and chilling out in a fun, casual atmosphere—any time of the day, any day of the week, the Friday’s bar is the place to be.
“T.G.I.Friday’s promotes gathering together,  sharing  and connecting,” Martinez says. “From the food to the friendly service,  each visit is a celebration our guests look forward to. Anytime is really a good time for a “Friday’s” at Eastwood—one place you will  never get enough of!”

            T.G.I. Friday’s Eastwood is open from 11 am – 12 MN ( sun – Thurs) , 11 am – 2am (Friday – Saturday) For inquiries, call 584-3479 or 696-7031. Also, check out its website Like us on Facebook: We Love Friday’s

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